Tancredi announced the release of new single “Wah Wah”

After the summer hit “Las Vegas” (double platinum), Tancred has announced the release of unreleased music that will mark the beginning of a new artistic course. This is the single “Wah Wah”, available from Friday 26 November.

The song is the result of numerous studio sessions that involved the singer at work with many different artists and of Tancredi’s collaboration with producers. Federico Nardelli And Giordano Colombo. “Wah Wah” represents a new chapter in Tancredi’s artistic career that will culminate in a new album scheduled in 2022.

Speaking of the unreleased single, Tancredi explained:

“‘Wah Wah’ tells a sequence of images and episodes of life that do not follow a precise temporal pattern. It was written following a stream of consciousness in a peaceful period of my life. I put lightness and a desire to experiment with new things in this piece, and I believe that this will be apparent from the first listening. “

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