Sweden: Social Democrat Andersson appointed premier

STOCKHOLM, 11 NOV – The new Swedish Social Democratic leader Magdalena Andersson has been given the task of forming the new government, to become the first woman to lead the country. After yesterday’s resignation of Prime Minister Stefan Lofven (which he himself had announced last August, after seven years as head of the government), the President of Parliament Andreas NorlĂ©n has charged Andersson after consulting the leaders of the party, to allow the passage of powers between the two social democratic leaders. The current finance minister will have until Tuesday to present her conclusions or to ask for more time. In the first case, the vote of confidence is scheduled for 18 November. The Social Democratic leader, 54-year-old economist, will need the support of his environmental allies, but also of two parties with often divergent interests: the Left Party and the Center Party. Sweden will vote in September 2022. The Social Democratic Party, the country’s leading force for decades, will have to challenge the conservative moderates, who have joined forces with the anti-immigration party of the Swedish Democrats, and are running to change the Swedish political scene. (HANDLE).


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