Summer hair: beachy waves without a straightener and hairdryer? Here’s how to do it

Summer is upon us, goodbye hair frizzy, bye bye humidity! It’s really cool no be more slaves to brushes and hairdryers, what a feeling of freedom is to let your hair dryopen air and get the most out of your natural texture.

But does the dream of having siren waves crash on the rock of the “atomic hood”? It happens, but don’t despair, we can work on it. Here is all you need to do to create the much desired beachy waves is stupendous natural waves without making the fold.

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Create your waves

When the hair is 50% dry, gather the strands in a braid or more than one. For less dense waves you can tie your hair in a torchon or classic onion. You can play with the size and placement of the braids or gods bun to determine the type and size of the ring. Wait for them to dry completely and melt your waves.

Less is more

Do not use an excessive amount of styling products, which structure the hair too much. The sticky plastic / cork effect is really around the corner. Get one good anti frizz lotion, apply it after dabbing wet hair and then let it dry naturally.


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Avoid using the brush

Use the brush to untangle the knots with conditioner, then forget about it. Do not use it on freshly washed hair. Brushes “disturb” the positioning and structure of your natural waves, resulting in the appearance of frizz. Instead, work your hair with your fingertips or a wide comb to get a more natural finish and to make sure the curls and waves stay in place.

It takes grit!

Now is the time to put on a product that moisturizes the ends of the hair, an important step for those with long hair. Massage the restructuring product on the lower part of the strand. This creates a soft malleable hold without the hair looking “too thick”.

Good summer and good waves!

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