Sudan: second anti-crime march in Khartoum dispersed by force

ROME, NOV 07 – Sudanese security forces used tear gas to disperse a second anti-coup demonstration in Khartoum, in the turbulent Bourri neighborhood. Witnesses on the spot report it. “Protesters gathered in Bourri, east of Khartoum, barricaded the streets and set car tires on fire, shouting slogans against the military government,” said one of the protesters, Mosab Abdalla. “The security forces then dispersed the protest with tear gas and started removing the barricades,” he added. A short time earlier, another demonstration had been dispersed by force. After the dissolution on 25 October by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhane of all the institutions of the country and the arrest of almost all the civilians with whom he shared power, numerous demonstrations have taken place in Sudan to date with the death of 14 protesters and more than 300 injured, according to pro-democracy doctors. (HANDLE).

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