Sudan: Al Jazeera, our chief correspondent arrested

CAIRO, NOV 14 – The head of the Al-Jazeera office in Khartoum was arrested by Sudanese security forces as announced by the same pan-Arab TV in Qatar the day after the death of six people killed in demonstrations in Sudan. “The security forces broke into the home of Al-Moussalami al-Kabbachi, head of Al-Jazeera’s Sudan office, and arrested him,” the broadcaster wrote on Twitter. Sudan entered a new period of turbulence on 25 October when General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, former head of the Sovereign Council, the highest Sudanese authority after 30 years of dictatorship of deposed President Omar al-Bashir, arrested most part of the civilians with whom he shared power since August 2019. That day he also dissolved all the institutions of the country and declared a state of emergency. Since that date, Al-Jazeera has continued to follow the various demonstrations hostile to the coup, in particular by broadcasting them live. Moreover, the channel, less than a week ago, had also interviewed General Burhan who had granted only two interviews since the coup. On Thursday, ignoring the condemnations coming from the four corners of the world, the army chief had decided to consolidate the situation by confirming himself at the head of the Sovereign Council, reformed for the occasion with the entry of non-partisan military and civilians to replace those he had done depose or arrest. (HANDLE).

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