Submarines: media, Biden and Johnson fed up with Macron reaction

LONDON, 23 SEPT – In public they tried to appease Paris, but privately Joe Biden and Boris Johnson seem not to have concealed a certain annoyance from each other due to the levels reached by the furious reaction of French President Emmanuel Macron in front of the 3 pact (Aukus) for the containment of China in the Indo-Pacific area announced in recent days by the USA, UK and Australia: a pact that caused France to lose a billion dollar supply of submarines in Canberra, to the benefit of the Anglo-Saxon allies. The Daily Telegraph, a newspaper close to the British Tory Prime Minister, opened this morning, citing sources present at the summit between BoJo and the American president held on Tuesday at the White House. During the meeting, according to the Telegraph, the two leaders – in addition to excluding the slightest rethinking on the Aukus operation – said they were “amazed” by the tones of Macron and his followers: “astonished”, in the word referred to by the sources, which in English it has a connotation of negative surprise in the face of exaggerated or out of place attitudes. A sign of irritation which, in spite of the attempts to mend Washington at the same time and some timid mezzo-mea culpa offered by the Biden administration in Paris, could weigh on future relations within NATO. And which, according to the newspaper, is based on not a few precedents of recurring episodes of competition (even between allies) on the terrain of military orders, of which France has had no qualms in the past to be a protagonist. (HANDLE).


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