Straight, curly, wavy – the best way to dry all hair types in the summer

Summer has arrived. Goodbye hair dryer, sayonara wake up early in the morning to style your hair before going to school or work!

The time has come to dry your hair atopen air and show off our natural texture to the fullest. Very often, however, the result you expect is not what you get. The dream of formidable beachy waves soft or shiny glass hair it breaks on the rock of the “crespume” and you find yourself with your hair frizzy and tangled or super flat and dull.

This happens because each type of hair has a different texture and must be treated in specific way. Here is the ultimate guide to having your much wanted and fluent ones beachy hair – even if you stay in the city:

Thin and straight hair

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After washing your hair, apply your cream or preferred conditioning lotion. Brush the strands until they are perfectly smooth and free from knots. To be able to get the volume, collect the hair in a tight onion: neatly wrap the hair around themselves, then secure them at the top of the head, do not stop them with an elastic band, but with flat pliers, to prevent them from taking a wrong turn.

Once dry, untie the bun and arrange the locks using your fingers. Et voila.

Thick wavy hair

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Use a towel to get as much water out of your hair as possible. Once you have removed as much moisture as possible, apply an anti-frizz oil. Oil is better than cream because it tends to dry strands faster, which is essential to avoid frizz in thick hair. When the hair has dried to 50%, gather the strands in a braid (or more than one), in a torchon or in the classic onion. You can play with the size and placement of the braids or buns to determine the type of wave or curl.

Wait for them to dry completely, let your hair down. Et voila.

Curly hair

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Ok, you are the luckiest of all. But we still have a tip for you. Apply the conditioner upside down, starting from the tips to the roots. Rinse e then remove as much water and moisture as possible using the towel, then arrange them as you want!

Let them dry. Et voila.

Short hair

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Apply your own spray or your own styling cream (nothing too strong) when i hair I am still humidthe. Comb the product, then arrange the locks however you like, then let them dry without NEVER touching them. Once your hair is dry, stand upside down and shake your hair to increase volume and texture. Et voila.

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