Stormi will steal your heart in Kylie Jenner’s latest interview

Kylie Jenner is the “last protagonist of the cycle of”73 questions” from Vogue but in the parts where it also appears Flocks, you will have eyes only for her!

It is precisely the child – born of love with Travis Scott in 2018 – to open the door to the magazine reporter: his super smile while peeking who is knocking is already enough to steal your heart.

She is found later on, swinging on the swing pushed by her grandmother Kris Jenner. The interviewer took the opportunity to ask Kylie if the little face is already raiding in her closet: “She is more into shoes“explained the famous mom.

He also revealed that Stormi’s first word was “dada“(dad), that his favorite music is the one signed by his father Travis Scott and that they have seen the films a lot of times together Trolls And The little Mermaid.

Kylie Jenner also talked about many other personal curiosities, from the relationship with the sisters to new Kylie Baby line. See for yourself:

Stormi will soon become an older sister: Kylie Jenner confirmed that she is expecting her second child with Travis Scott at the beginning of September, sharing a tender video on social media that begins with a positive pregnancy test. Then you see her, the rapper and their eldest daughter Flocks go for a visit and the first ultrasounds.

The 24-year-old star and the 30-year-old rapper had become a couple in 2017 and on 1 February 2018 they welcomed Stormi, who is therefore three years old today. Yes they were left in the fall of 2019, remaining on good terms.

They never confirmed they’re back together, but the backfire gossip got more insistent when they posed hugging each other on the red carpet of a charity event in mid-June 2021 and he called her “wifey” on stage. Love would be rekindled in the last few months.

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