Steinmeier remembers the Berlin Wall, commitment is needed for democracy

BERLIN, AUGUST 13 – “August 13 was a fatal day for Germany and for the world”. This was stated by the president of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, at the commemoration ceremony underway in Berlin for the 60th anniversary of the construction of the border, which divided the city for 28 years until 1989. “The Berlin Wall literally cemented the division of the world ”, he said, underlining how“ violent and inhuman ”was this division, which prevented contacts between relatives, separating families and friends. Speaking at Bernaeuer Strasse, Steinmeier stressed that the memory of the events of August 13 marks “a challenge that remains” forever. “Freedom and democracy are not given by nature and are not achieved forever”, warned the Head of State. “It takes commitment and passion to keep them”, he urged, adding, “think about it when you vote now again”. (HANDLE).

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