Star of the Web in 2015, “the slip in the slip and on the pellet” advertise for 200,000 euros in France TV

I have a credible meme on la Toile, celui qui est surnommé depuis 2015 «l’homme au slip et à la pelle» advertise aujourd’hui 200 000 euros on France TV.

We are in November 2015. Quelque part in the countries, the members of the League of Protection of the Oysters are penetrated by a chapel to destroy the trees. The proprietor, Jean-Marc Dutouya, sorts alors de chez lui en slip, muni d’une pelle, pour faire fuir les militants.

The images from the rock scene, captured by the chambers of France Televisions, the rapid font of the tour of Toile. At the point of Monsieur Dutouya, one of the most virulent moments.

Si l’homme avait été condamné pour agression sur l’un des militants, il attaque aujourd’hui France Televisions en justice et advertlame 200 000 euros de dommages et interests, arguing que le reportage a nui à son image.

In the face of these accusations, the direction of France Televisions is defending itself, evoking a report on current events in images “a problem of form and fund”.

The game is attended on September 15.

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