Special Pulitzer Prize for young women who film the scene

The video shows the manifestations against police brutality in the world.

Darnella Frazier, a young woman of 18 years old who played the interpellation and the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020, will win a special Pulitzer Prize, the recompenses of the prestige of journalism at the United States.

The Pulitzer jury made a homage to the cell that is sorting, which is a magazine, doing a course and retiring to have a face to the stage, to have the courage to register George Floyd’s death, a video that engenders manifestations against police brutality in the world ”.

This is “the crucial role of the citizens in the quota of fidelity and justice of the journalists”, which led to the jury.

“Je ne connaissais pas cet homme (…), mais je savais que sa vie comptait”, avait écrit Darnella Frazier sur sa Facebook page à l’occasion du premier anniversaire de la mort de George Floyd, le 25 mai.

«Ma m’a changé», at-elle poursuivi. «To change my vision of life. Ma m’a fait ráaliser à quel point il est dangereux d’être noir aux États-Unis. »

In the category of “last minute” (breaking news), this is the editorial office of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the local council of the city of George Floyd on this assassination on May 25, which was imported to cover the “urgent, reference” and nuance ».

The Reuters agency has co-sponsored this category of explicit journalism for a multimedia project called “Shielded”, which will comment on the jurisprudence of many demi-cycles against American police officers and condominiums in these countries.

In the journal of local journalism, two journalists from the Tampa Bay Times on this reward for a series of articles on the practices of the sheriff of the county of Pasco, in Florida, who abused his power in a large number of susceptible persons, selon lui, d ‘enfreindre la loi.

In addition to the 2020 issue, the coronavirus pandemic at the Pulitzer Prize in the New York Times, in the public service category, and in the journalism of The Atlantic magazine, Ed Young, for explicit journalism.

Faith notable, the presidential campaign, the election, the transition and the events of January 6, not featured in the recompensated sums.

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