Spain: another safe thanks to the hand gesture of social media

MADRID, 15 NOV – An open hand upwards, the thumb folded over the palm and then the other four fingers closed around it to symbolically trap it: it is thanks to this international signal of request for help for victims of gender violence – which went viral on social media – that another woman, this time in Barcelona, ​​obtained police intervention and the arrest of her partner as allegedly responsible for mistreatment. This was announced by the Mossos d’Esquadra (the police of Catalonia). According to what was explained by the Mossos and by the Iberian media, the woman was with her partner in the waiting room of a private clinic in Barcelona. The silent call for help was noticed by one of the clinic employees: it was she who then called the police. Following separate interrogations of both the woman and the alleged attacker, the latter was taken away in handcuffs. The facts date back to last Thursday. The call for help against gender-based violence was initially promoted by North American feminist organizations as a way to help victims during pandemic lockdowns. Then it spread globally on social networks. (HANDLE).

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