Sophie Wilmès met in the term of office of the Belgian ambassador in South Korea

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sophie Wilmès.

Sophie Wilmès decided to put this in the mandate of the Belgian ambassador in the South Court, after the incident that took place with her son.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sophie Wilmès, at the end of this year in the term of office of the Belgian Ambassador to the Court of Justice, Peter Lescouhier, after the incident in the wake of his epoch, announced the foreign affairs as a matter of course.

«М. Peter Lescouhier served at the request of the Ambassador of Belgium in South Korea at the end of three years ago. Durant is mandated, he has contributed to a visit to the state of justice in March 2019. He is a witness to the fact that the current situation does not allow him to continue to exert his role in a serious manner “, said the communiqué.

In April, the diplomacy of the diplomat was retrieved at the center of a controversial court in South Korea after being awarded two jobs in a magazine that would support the floor.

An inacceptable gif

The images of surveillance chambers on the installation not only cover the employ’s braces and assemble a gifle. Diffuse in the southern media and viral curves on the net, these images contain a slight color in the traverses of the country, very respectful of the loess.

The Belgian ambassador declared that he had “reconsidered the incident implicit in his case” and qualified in an “inacceptable” manner

In such a way that a woman is an ambassador, this benefit of the diplomatic immunity, a statute that the SPF Affaires extends to the dependent left on the demand of the South Korean police. “The full cooperation with the police and this guarantee”, precisely the communication, said that “Belgium will continue to cooperate with the authoritative authorities in the case of besoin”.

The diplomacy of the diplomats at the beginning of the meeting to meet the privacy of the two employees of the magazine in addition to being excused in person for the sake of comfort, saving the foreign affairs.

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