Skripal case, GB accuses a third Russian for Novichok

LONDON, 21 SEP – The British police have also formalized accusations against a third Russian citizen, in addition to the two alleged material authors indicated at the time, in the investigation into the poisoning attempt attributed to a Novichok-type nerve agent carried out in 2018 against the former Russian double agent spy Serghiei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, England. The third man is suspected of having been some sort of coordinator of the operation, identified as a Moscow military intelligence officer (GRU) and already mentioned in journalistic inquiries in the past. It is Denis Sergeev who, according to the investigators of the Kingdom, appears to have arrived in London before the attack (with a document in the name of Serghiei Fedotov) to remain in the capital until the next day. Sergeev would have had remote logistical tasks, while in Salisbury there were the two men identified as executors as early as 2018: two agents landed at Heathrow with passports in the name of Aleksandr Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, and who only recently admitted to being called in fact Anatoli Cepiga and Aleksandr Mishkin, as revealed almost immediately by the authorities across the Channel. The three, who are safe in Russia, have always denied while Moscow insists on denying any hypothesis of Kremlin involvement. In the attack, the former spy fleeing to the United Kingdom and his daughter were severely intoxicated, only to recover – against many expectations – and then disappear in some secret place under the protection of the British services. A Salisbury policeman, Nick Bailey, who was among the first to rescue them also reported severe intoxication and later had to resign from the service. While an allegedly advanced dose of Novichok, abandoned in a nearby park in a perfume bottle, was later collected and used by a couple of passers-by, a man and a woman, with fatal consequences for the second: Dawn Sturgess, died in the following days. For this reason, among the charges hypothesized against the three Russians there is now also that of murder. (HANDLE).


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