Silent Bob & Sick Budd the meaning of the song “Black Widow”

“Black Widow” is the new single from “It’s still raining”, album of Silent Bob and Sick Budd fresh fresh out.

About the meaning of the song, Edoardo (this is the real name of the artist) said:

“In a relationship there are always those who need to love and those who need to be loved. The first usually gives everything inside in exchange for gestures that become more and more rare and small over time, the second gives the minimum and experiences everything in a more lucid and perhaps even detached way. Between the two sides I was the first and all I got is scars that I still carry with me in all kinds of relationships with people. Are you a black widow me? The perfect prey .. He knew build the web, trap me and finally poison me… All this has changed me and writing it in the form of texts helps me to understand and move on. The bites I have received are deep, forgetting is impossible. “

About the production, Sick Budd adds:

“We started with the idea of ​​doing something more acoustic, more analog … we made it inspired by the beat of XXXTentacion’s ‘Save Me’, we really wanted a processed acoustic effect, a little dirtier. “

“Black Widow” is accompanied by a official video which you can see below.

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