Should we hope for the eruption of a supervolcano to cool the climate?

A global climate cools by at least 3 degrees, we could almost dream of it! However, the potential responsible for such a cold snap is far from harmless: it is indeed an Indonesian supervolcano in which several scientific studies have just been interested, which take stock of its possible climatic impact and about how he’s – silently – preparing for his next eruption. Who is not for tomorrow …

Hot and cold on the planet

That was about 74,000 years ago. Neanderthals were well established in Europe, and our Homo Sapiens ancestors hardly ventured out of Africa – according to the most common dispersal theories today. On the present-day Indonesian island of Sumatra, the most important volcanic explosion in the last million years and probably in the entire history of human lineage occurred: the eruption of Toba, which is part of the small dozen of supervolcanoes on the surface of the planet. Today, Lake Toba, a caldera transformed into a body of water 100 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide, is the result of this cataclysmic event.

“Over 7 trillion tonnes of volcanic material has been ejected, including at least 800 cubic kilometers spewed out as ash over the entire Indian Ocean and adjacent land masses in South and Southeast Asia, covering debris several million square kilometers from the surface of the planet ”, describes the pro

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