Shay Mitchell’s 58-step beauty routine includes a 24K gold breast mask

The beauty secret of Shay Mitchell? A beauty routine in 58 steps, we can therefore define her as the star most obsessed with the skincare of all Hollywood!

The actress of You shared her beauty secrets in a new video for Vogue, of course, we won’t walk you through the whole thing – you can watch the video for that – but let’s break down the salient point: for the 34-year-old it’s it’s all about fabric masks.

You will see quite a few masks, and the reason I like them is just because they seem to me to be very moisturizing.“he explains in the clip.”I put them on, I don’t have to think about it. “

I love that they are a bit dramatic“, she added some of her sheet masks, saying she likes it”scaring people when they are traveling especially or when they are at home“.

This woman uses a mask for everything: for the face, for the eyes, for the lips, for the forehead, for the neck, layered and blocked by a last mask that covers the whole face.

As they take effect, Shay decides to apply another one sheet mask on the breast, hers is in 24 karat gold. “Your boobs need love tooAnd he says. “Especially if you are going to an event and have a low-cut dressor.”

Another great piece of advice ex Pretty Little Liars gives is to do not cover pimples with makeup. “I don’t even try to cover it“, He says. “I don’t care what the world sees. I need my skin to heal on its own “.

In this video, we tell you all the latest updates on PLL:

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