Shay Mitchell took a lot of Emily’s clothes from the set of “Pretty Little Liars”

The series pretty Little Liars it has been over for four years now, but a Shay Mitchell, who played athletics Emily Fields, from time to time likes to return to visit his beloved character – and all he has to do is go to his closet to take a trip down memory lane.

Shay Mitchell – getty images

The 34-year-old recently told Insider which held many of the clothes that Emily has worn throughout the seven seasons, but you may be surprised to find that she hasn’t brought home the most glamorous dresses. On the contrary, Shay wanted the uniform of the swimming team by Emily:

I actually kept a lot of swimsuits, some sweatshirts, tracksuits. A few sweaters here and there“he revealed.”It’s stuff I’ll always treasure“.

In video we tell you about the sentimental situation and all the other updates on PLL:

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