Shawn Mendes loved Niall Horan as a TV presenter

We are sure you have seen how good he is Niall Horan to conduct a talk show (but if you missed it you can find the videos here) and also Shawn Mendes she loved him as a tv presenter!

The almost 28-year-old singer – turns them on September 13th – he exceptionally replaced Jimmy Kimmel for one night at the helm of the program Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Loose and sunny, he slipped a series of hilarious jokes into the opening monologue, recorded and launched a gag with Jonas Brothers, interviewed the actor Cristo Fernández of the series Ted Lasso and flirted with Lizzo in a series of hilarious back and forth.

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Shawn Mendes was among the many spectators and just tweeted all his appreciation for Niall Horan, launching the idea that we all thought a bit after the episode: that he deserves a talk show of his own!

I need Niall Horan to have his talk show someday! It was born to lead and make people laugh and smile wrote the 23-year-old.

Niall humbly replied: “Ahahahah. Maybe someday. If you did a full-time talk show, you’d know thereA career in music hasn’t worked out and that’s not a good thing“.

At one point, a fan suggested to Shawn: “You should be his partner“. And he replied:”I should“.

Since Niall Horan has hinted that for now he prefers to continue singing, he and Shawn Mendes could always start collaborating with a single and who knows that in the distant future there is not even a TV program in store!

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the new single by the Canadian artist, Summer of Love:

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