Selena Gomez: The “Only Murders in the Building” co-stars have only words of praise for her

Selena Gomez she went back to acting in the new one series comedy crime Only Murders in the Building next to two veterans of American comedy, or those two jokers of Martin Short And Steve Martin.

The two famous comedians were interviewed by InStyle and they both simply have praised Selena’s talent and professionalism.

In the “interview Martin is asked:”Did you discover any pop culture phenomena during the pandemic?

Martin replies without delay: “Yes. Selena Gomez!

Steve then adds: “I knew her as a singer, but it’s not like I keep the radio on constantly. When I looked at his work, I realized that he has been around for almost as long as I have and has made as many films as I have made. She denies it, but I see her credits. That’s like 40 things. This is what I have. Furthermore, we have met a person who is not only from a different generation, but from several generations distant from us. It was a great experience to have his contribution, to have his awareness. Some of my favorite things about the show are when Marty and I are two, I would say, older guys, still living in the vocabulary of the past, and she corrects us in front of the camera.“.

Steve continues: “Selena was extremely professional. What you hope for in your acting partner is at least that they are on time. And it certainly was. In addition to his talent, he also had this thing“.


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