See how good Niall Horan is at conducting a talk show

Niall Horan replaced Jimmy Kimmel to the conduct of Jimmy Kimmel Live for just one night and it was so great that, if you didn’t know him, you’d say he’s always been a presenter!

He split right from the opening monologue, which he filled with hilarious and often self-ironic jokes. He talked about his fans – “The best in the world“he said – and of the possible names of the fandom: in the end he chose Horan Dogs, joking about the different pronunciation between the English accent and the American one.

With perfect nonchalance he threw a dig at Simon Cowell (creator of X-Factor and owner of Syco Music, label of One Direction) and then the artist has dismantled a few clich├ęs that run on theIreland, the country where he was born.

Finally he gave a funny curtain with the Jonas Brothers, engaging in his favorite sport, namely the golf.

See for yourself:

Her comic talent multiplied when she entered the scene Lizzo who, brilliant and very nice, acted as his shoulder, unleashing a lot of laughter.

They chatted about their first meeting, about the singer’s new single Rumors with Cardi B, on the ship that would like them to become a couple. All seasoned with jokes and spicy and hilarious double meanings.

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Niall Horan host of a TV show? For us it is a huge yes!

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