Schwarzenegger to G20 leader, foolish not to fight for the environment

ROME, OCTOBER 29 – Anyone who claims that the fight against climate change risks damaging the economy is a “fool” or a “liar”. The word of Arnold Schwarzenegger who, on the eve of the G20 in Rome and in view of the COP26, addresses an appeal to world leaders. In an interview with the BBC, the former California governor expressed particular concern about air pollution and greenhouse gases from ships, suggesting that the most effective measure in this sense is to buy at zero kilometer. “You have to buy local products. Every time you buy something that comes from abroad, you do damage to the environment ”. The actor who became famous with the Terminator saga has been working on environmental issues for years. From 2003 to 2011, when he was governor of California, he launched a series of measures in favor of renewable energy by setting goals to reduce exhaust gases and greenhouse gas emissions. It also recently said it has cut its meat consumption by about three-quarters in recent years. “Since I eat more vegetables and a more vegetarian diet, my cardiologist said my arteries have stopped shrinking,” he said, noting that giving up meat was not a “sacrifice” but a “gain”. (HANDLE).

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