SCEMI NOT SHAMING with Valentina Ferragni, who shares her secret to never feel wrong again

SCEMI NOT SHAMING is the digital show where you learn to accept yourself it’s at enhance your body.

A school of self-confidence and style led by fashion creators Elen Ellis And Fabrizio Bezzi that inmark the girls protagonists – but also to you who watch from home – how to overcome insecurities by enhancing your image with the most suitable outfits.

In every episode, there is a special guest who shares their experience and starts immediately on the right foot, with Valentina Ferragni special guest ofepisode 1!

Crush play to see the episode and listen to the touching story of Valentina, who gives invaluable advice to never feel wrong again:

Thanks Valentina Ferragni for these precious words!

Keep following SCEMI NOT SHAMING: find a new lesson every Tuesday and every Thursday on the MTV Italia YouTube channel, on our account Facebook And IGTV.

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