SCEMI NOT SHAMING: Norma’s Teaching talks about her experience with cyber bullying

The icing on each cake video lesson from SCEMI NOT SHAMING he is the special guest who shares his own philosophy on self-acceptance, telling how he has overcome his own insecurities and how he relates to the judgment of others.

In episode 2, the special guest Norma’s Teaching she talked about bullying and cyberbullying without clich├ęs, but going straight to the point of her experience and how she reacted with courage and willpower to a negative situation.

Press play for the story of the most followed English teacher on the web:

SCEMI NOT SHAMING is the digital show where you learn to accept yourself it’s at enhance your body.

A school of self-confidence and style led by fashion creators Elen Ellis And Fabrizio Bezzi that inmark the girls protagonists – but also to you who watch from home – how to overcome insecurities by enhancing your image with the most suitable outfits.

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