Samsung Internet: address bar also at the bottom

Apple made some significant changes to Safari with iOS 15 this year, including a new address bar located at the bottom of the screen. Now Samsung has also introduced a new option to move the address bar down in its mobile web browser.

The new layout was added with an update of the Samsung Internet beta app v16.0.2.15, now available for the company’s Android smartphones. By going into the app settings and then on Appearance, there is now an option “Location of address bar”. There, users can choose between the classic web browser layout and the new one with the address bar moved to the bottom of the screen.

With this option enabled, the Samsung Internet app looks quite similar to Safari in iOS 15. The address bar of Samsung’s web browser appears above the navigation controls and buttons for managing tabs, sharing, and other settings on the app. This option could prove convenient for all users who often use their smartphone with one hand.

At the moment the update of the beta version of the Samsung browser is not yet available in our country. Most likely it is just a matter of waiting a few more hours.


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