Samsung announces the One UI 4 beta with Android 12

Samsung has just announced that it has opened its beta program for the Android 12-based One UI 4 for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

The new version of the interface will introduce new and improved personalization and privacy features. In addition, there will be simplified and optimized interactions and a clean and elegant design. Samsung has stated that some of the new features may not be immediately supported when the beta program opens.

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The new One UI 4 offers new theme options to configure home screens, icons, notifications, wallpapers and much more. Redesigned and updated widgets offer deep customization, from visibility to appearance.

Samsung One UI 4 privacy

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One UI 4 will also offer advanced features of protection and privacy which will allow users to customize their settings and offer a more personalized mobile experience. The indicators will alert users when an app is using the camera and microphone. This way they can instantly disable permissions if they don’t want to grant access. There is also an option to view the permissions history of the last seven days, an option to check the current data usage by the apps that have obtained those permissions.

How to join the One UI 4 beta program?

The One UI 4 Beta beta program is available to owners of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series in China, India, Germany, Poland, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. However, its implementation may vary by market. Most likely in the future the beta program could also be open to the Galaxy Note and Galaxy A series. At the moment there are no indications for the Italian market.


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