Salesian missionaries arrested in a school in Ethiopia

VATICAN CITY, 09 NOV – In a climate of general chaos and uncertainty in Ethiopia, the news, confirmed to Fides by local sources, of the incursion carried out on November 5 by government military forces in a center for education of children run by the Salesians in the Gottera area, Addis Ababa, with the consequent arrest of 17 priests, brothers and employees in the Center, “all taken without reason and taken to an unknown place”, underlines the Vatican news agency. Shocked by the event, the Salesians in Ethiopia, in a message sent to Fides, invite us to “pray for peace and unity in the country”. “The news of the arrest of Ethiopian and Eritrean priests, deacons and lay people who lived in the provincial house of the Salesians – comments to Fides Fr Mussie Zerai, president of the Habeshia agency – leaves us dismayed”. The center, the Salesians underline, had been frequented for years by many children without distinction of ethnicity or religion and social class, often removed from the street. “They arrested the Provincial, priests, kitchen staff deacons, we know of raids and searches in other religious houses” – reports Fides -. “But it is clear to everyone that churches, houses of religious, are not political centers – he adds -. We hope that everything will be resolved as soon as possible and that everyone will be freed very quickly ”, concludes Don Zerai. (HANDLE).

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