Sacky together with Baby Gang and Lacrim in the new song “Gennaro & Ciro”

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The video is out too!

Is titled “Gennaro & Ciro” the new single from Sacky made in collaboration with Baby Gang and Lacrim, available from Friday 5th November.

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The song was born from a “idea by the same French rapper: after seeing the video for Sacky and Baby Gang’s “Child Soldiers”, he contacted the two and made the song during a trip to Dubai. Lacrim was then a guest of the Seven 7oo collective in Italy to shoot the official video between Milan and Naples, thus consolidating the bond that has been created between the artists.

“Gennaro & Ciro” moves between street stories and quotes that refer to the TV series Gomorrah, creating a parallelism between the three rappers and the characters of the series: as if Lacrim were Savastano and Sacky and Baby Gang Gennaro and Ciro.

Below you can see the video clip accompanying the single, currently fourth among YouTube trends.

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