Russian player Yana Sizikova intercepted for suspected Parisian tricks

Tempe at La Porte d’Auteuil. A Russian tennis player was intercepted on Thursday 3 June in Paris in an investigation into Paris’s suspects cheated during a Roland-Garros double match, at which on Friday 4 June a police source and the Public Prosecutor’s Office Paris.

Yana Sizikova, 26, a 101st World Player in the WTA doubles standings, was placed in custody for Thursday night at the end of a tournament match, as part of the October 1 open poll for “Sporting corruption” et «Organized gang scouting» and entrusted to the Central Service of Courses and Games (SCCJ) of the Judicial Police, specified the prosecutor’s office, confirming information from the “Parisien”.

Two double gross faults

This survey, unveiled in October by the German newspaper “Die Welt” and the sports daily “l’Equipe”, reports on the double feminist opposing Yana Sizikova and her American partner Madison Brengle to the Romanians Andreea Mitu and Patricia Maria Tig, on 30 September, during the first round of the 2020 edition of the French international tournament.

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The suspects were brought in particular on the fiftieth game of the second set, a white game brought by the Roman duo after two double faulty wholesalers of the Russian Sizikova. The Romanians were placed in two sets 7-6, 6-4.

According to a source close to the interrogated dossier in October, the Paris pris on the issue of this game represent the sums “Abnormally elevated”, of the order of “Several tens of thousands of euros”.

No anomalies detected on the misses

The National Game Authority (ANJ), which regulates games in France, hippie courses and sports paris has never detected any anomaly on operational missions «On the French market», but had received alerts, in particular, «Of GLMS (Global Lottery Monitoring System) and the group of Copenhagen (which regroups 33 platforms of combat against sports manipulations in the world)», according to an ANJ source.

Roland-Garros: tribunes, miroir de la fracture sociale

On its side, the French Tennis Federation (FFT), organizer of Roland-Garros, confirmed “The arrest of the player, but can not communicate because a judicial inquiry is underway. It belongs to the competent judicial authorities to respond to the situation ».

Tennis is occasionally fraught with suspicions of cheated matches, but which concerns the most frequent professional tournaments of the second or third category. Several surveys are underway in France.

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