Rosalía and The Weeknd return to collaborate in the new single “La Fama”

“A love story that sees fame as the protagonist” cit.

Rosalía has published an advance of his next album in the studio entitled “Motomami”, which will see the light in early 2022.

This is the unreleased single “La Fama”, made in collaboration with The Weeknd and sung entirely in Spanish.

About the song the Spanish artist says:

“I wanted to write a bachata in my own way with a little story about success and therefore the fame that comes with it. Taking the lyrics of Ruben Blades or Patti Smith and the songs of Aventura as a reference, I wrote a love story that sees fame as the protagonist“.

The piece is accompanied by a video official where Rosalía represents fame, the queen bee of a glamorous but at the same time seedy club. The presenter, played by actor Danny Trejo, applauds his star, who immediately catches the attention of the ambitious The Weeknd.

What are you waiting for, click play below!

Rosalía and The Weeknd had already joined forces last year, in remix from “Blinding Lights”. The understanding between the two artists has always been crazy!

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