Rkomi unveiled the tracklist of “Taxi Driver

A few days after the release of the project, Rkomi unveiled the tracklist from “Taxi Driver – MTV Unplugged”, unedited version of his latest album linked to the historic MTV format, available from Friday September 24.

Among the goodies there is also a duet with Madame in the song “Partire da te”. Check it out below!

1. Midnight gates
2. Apnea
3. Leaving you with Madame
4. 10 Girls
5. Ten thousand voices
6. Laugh at yourself
7. Full moon
8. Sea that you are not
9. Heaven Vs. Hell
10. New range
11. Me and my songs
12. I have turned off the sky
13. Viewed from above
14. Never again
15. Taxi Driver

“Taxi Driver – MTV Unplugged” will be presented live during a special concert scheduled at the Carcano Theater in Milan Wednesday September 22.

“As you know with Taxi Driver I wanted to undertake a real journey, reasoning without borders and letting myself be influenced by every genre, present and past, marking my artistic choices – wrote Rkomi in a long post on Instagram – With Taxi Driver I am laid bare and for this very reason when I received the proposal to do MTV Unplugged I accepted without hesitation. Unplugged means ‘without plug’ ie totally without electric tools in order to create a more atmosphere intimate and suggestiveto. I was inspired by the performances of great artists who have marked the history of world rock / pop such as that of Pearl Jam or Nirvana. MTV Unplugged has always represented a special moment for artists who want to get naked, technically and emotionally. It was needed courage and this is the thing that I always have perfectly in mind when I make music: not to do what I am sure I can do, but to always go and look for what comes next. “

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