Rizzo is Alessandra, a young promise already kept

Alessandra Rizzo, born in 2002, was born in Campobasso, Molise. He approaches the world of music at the age of three thanks to his mother pianist and dance, which has always been his great passion.

Over time she discovers her love for singing and begins to cultivate her talent on her own, until later, around the age of 10, she decides to enroll in an Academy to improve her vocal skills and, in the meantime, continue to bring forward his path in the world of dance.

Knows the producers “The Ceasars“In 2019 and starts producing with them the first singles as an independent, and then entering the world of record labels in 2021, thanks to the meeting with Fang and Emis Killa, thanks to which he becomes part of the roster of artists branded “Hateful Music“With the support of Sony music Italy.

MTV NEW GENERATION Artist of the Month for November 2021

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zzoridi/

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