Recording phone calls is possible! With the Google dialer

You read that right, it seems that Google has taken a step back and reinserted the ability to record phone calls in its dialer. What do you think gives this choice?

We ran the tests on the OnePlus 9 and unexpectedly, after the last update to the OxygenOS we realized that when you make the first post-update phone call, the button that allows you to register comes out. As you can see from the screenshot below.

record google dialer phone calls

The system update changelog did not refer to this feature, because it is actually very simple, as the feature is in gradual release for all smartphones that use as Phone app the Google dialer.

The ability to record calls is a feature that has always divided users into two: on the one hand those in favor and on the other those against. Obviously for privacy issues. Which side are you on?

The appearance of this feature does not depend on the app installed, but on a server-side update from Google. As mentioned, you can give it a try, as we did by starting a call or by going to the Phone app in Settings and looking for the Call recording item.

Obviously let us know if you have access to this feature or not, below, using the comment box.


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