Realme GT Neo 2, the keyword CONCRETENESS

In recent years, the mid-range of the market has often been able to give away small pearls, low-cost products that can wink at even the most demanding user in terms of performance. Realme GT Neo 2, since the eve, has shown all the credentials to apply for the role of true flagship killer. Will he have succeeded? Let’s find out together in our full review.

Realme GT Neo 2 enters with great arrogance in a market segment that is now increasingly fierce, bringing great concreteness with a device that plays its cards very well. The technical data sheet of this smartphone offers many spaces for reflection, with some inevitable compromises that should not, however, create big headaches for those who choose to take a look at this device.


Realme GT Neo 2 undoubtedly strikes for the choice of glass for both sides, a not obvious choice for the market segment. However, this choice is lost a little in the monotony of the colors, which outside the beautiful green are a bit dull but not unpleasant to the eye. Of course, outside the rear cameras it is really difficult to find distinctive traits worthy of particular mention.

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The lines chosen by Realme for its device make it really pleasant to hold, ensuring a comfortable and non-slippery grip. The weight, very well distributed, allows our hand to absorb i very well about 200gr weight of the product, which never tire the hand even during long sessions of use.


With a relationship 92.60% screen-body, Realme GT Neo 2 allows us to fully appreciate a beautiful 6.62 inch OLED display. This display, thanks to its high brightness and its good color reproduction, is appreciated for its great richness of colors and its excellent contrasts. How not to mention the support at 120Hz, which can obviously be forced or enabled in adaptive mode to promote greater autonomy of the device. Excellent visibility under the sun but something to review (software side) on the management of brightness, which sometimes tends too far down.

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The panel with resolution 1080 × 2400 and its 397 ppi an excellent one allows you to enjoy all types of multimedia content without compromise, as well as obviously all the most recent videogame titles embellished by the high refresh rate that will guarantee very fluid gaming sessions (title permitting of course).


Performance is probably the real highlight of this device. Realme GT Neo 2 boasts the excellent under the hood Snapdragon 870, a SoC that we have come to know very well by now and that allows this device to push really hard on the accelerator. In short, the smartphone always responds quickly even in conditions of high workloads, almost giving the feeling of being in front of a higher-end device. From productivity to gaming, the Snapdragon 870 always carries out its tasks with maximum responsiveness. There RAM offers two different denominations of 8 or 128GB, a quantity more than enough even for lovers of the most extreme multitasking. A hardware compartment that keeps the bar high and that finds itself in the Realme UI 2.0 based on Android 11 a lean and high-performance software system to push the beating heart of this device to the maximum.

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However, the company wanted to wink at the most demanding gamers and from this point of view we find a whole series of very interesting goodies. Not just a GPU with remarkable performance (Adreno 650) but also a touch display equipped with a sampling rate up to 600Hz, something that is obviously not perceptible to the end user but which offers an always responsive touch during our gaming sessions. The lightning-fast UFS 3.1 memories close the circle around a product that will satisfy your gaming hunger. The real gem, however, comes from the dissipation system, an aspect on which the company has placed an emphasis in the presentation phase. Realme GT Neo 2 is in fact vapor chamber cooled, with a special diamond paste able to make the dissipating body more efficient. The result is a device that practically never heats up except in the face of very heavy workloads, which in any case do not generate annoying heat in the hands. To unleash the full power of this device, the company has introduced its own GT mode, a choice that obviously will weigh on autonomy but that releases all the performance of the device.

The Snapdragon 870 is then synonymous with 5G connectivity, an element that together with the support WiFi 6 guarantees great longevity to the product in terms of data connections. To complete the excellent functional equipment we also find a stereo audio r support Dolby Atmos, with a decidedly powerful and well balanced rendering that allows you to enjoy multimedia content and videogames very well. Unfortunately, for the absence of certifications against water and dust but at the price of this smartphone we have to do some sacrifices.


The photo and video sector is probably the one on which Realme has concentrated most of its compromises. The rear compartment is equipped with a 64MP primary lens with f / 1.8 aperture, one ultrawide 8 MP f / 2.3 lens with 119 ° angle and a questionable one 2MP macro f / 2.5 macro lens. Well the primary lens in conditions of good brightness, able to return shots rich in details and with good color fidelity. The shooting software offers many ways to improve our shooting, including an HDR mode and a mode AI scene enhancement. However, this mode is not recommended as it is very full of colors and sometimes not effective in applying the best settings. In low light conditions we can also use the night mode, undoubtedly able to recover something in terms of details, logically without working miracles. The primary lens also offers one 64MP shooting mode, which adds a lot of detail in favorable conditions but at the same time reveals various software tricks when the light is not exactly optimal.

There ultrawide lens it is appreciated in conditions of good brightness, returning appreciable shots and without perceptible distortion. Unfortunately at nightfall the detail drops dramatically but we still find ourselves faced with a good quality lens. The choice of the macro lens, not very detailed and honestly negligible as regards the final quality of the shots, is decidedly more questionable. On the other hand, the quality of the 16MP is sufficient, despite the obvious limitations in the conditions of lower brightness of the scene that make, for example, the shots with portrait mode not very appreciable (little assisted by the software during the contouring of the subject).

However, the biggest limitation of this device lies in the video part. This smartphone is able to record videos up to 4K resolution at 60FPS and the result, in favorable conditions and with the car of a support for stabilization, are absolutely appreciable. However, the limits of stabilization are perceived freehand, so much so that the adoption of the ultra-stable mode is required to limit hand shaking. This mode, however, lowers the quality up to 1080p, a detail to definitely take into consideration and which is configured as a compromise without any doubt important. In short, this smartphone is not really photography-oriented but is still able to give its satisfactions, as long as you shoot in favorable conditions and downsize your claims a little.


This smartphone offers a 5000mah which in normal conditions of use (without therefore activating the GT mode) will take you to the end of the day without any fear. Using the double SIM, consumption inevitably increases but you are still able to end the day without particular sacrifices. In any case, for the most voracious of battery, it is possible to enjoy the fast 65W dart charging thanks to the supplied power supply. Using it you will be able to recharge your device in about 35 minutes, a recharge that is able to give you further peace of mind in just a few minutes of recharging.


Realme GT Neo 2 is a very concrete smartphone, which convinces with performance and construction. On the photo and video side it clearly leaves something behind but in terms of price it is necessary to accept some compromises. The device is priced at 449 euros for the 8/128 GB version And 549 euros for the 12/256 GB version. However on the occasion of Black Friday the company offers a substantial discount that brings the price to 369/449 euros. This second price seems much more appropriate for a device that could, at full price, lose its convenience in favor of other products not only of competition but also of the same Realme line-up.

We hope that the usual prices of the major online retailers will be able to give this smartphone greater competitiveness with a more aggressive price.

Realme GT Neo 2 does not fear the heaviest workloads. Concreteness and fluidity are the watchwords of this device that really gives satisfaction. The compromise is a photo video sector that still reaches sufficiency. We hope Realme is able to contain the price more so as not to compromise sales in favor of other smartphones.












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