Quentin Tarantino says “Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood” could be his latest film

Quentin Tarantino has stated more than once his intention to end his film career after directing ten films, but has now advanced the possibility that he might even stop at ninth.

A big hit for all cinephels who have adored the director’s cult films like pulp Fiction is Kill Bill, which not only made the history of cinema, but each time wrote a new page of pop culture.

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Its ninth and hopefully it’s not really the last feature film it is Once upon a time in … Hollywood of 2019 with Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt is Margot Robbie. Seven minutes of applause at the world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival 2019, then the mega success with critics and audiences and the two awards Oscar. And now he has also given birth to a novel of the same name, Tarantino’s debut as a writer.

Currently the director is engaged in the promotion of the book Once upon a time in … Hollywood, to be released simultaneously worldwide in 25 countries including Italy on June 29th. The novel will tell the backstory of the stuntman’s story Cliff Booth, in the film starring Brad Pitt, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor with this role.

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In a promotional interview with Pure Cinema Podcast, in addition to the book, Tarantino expressed his opinion without half measures on the latest films in the career of many famous directors:

“A lot of directors make some really horrible latest films. Usually, their worst films are the last they did. This is, say, the case with many Golden Age directors who have ended up making their latest films in between. the 60s and 70s. And it is the case of many New Hollywood directors who made their latest films between the 80s and 90s … Closing your career with a decent movie so that’s pretty rare actually. Almost phenomenal.

And here, then, that Tarantino comes to hypothesize that he could (or it would be better) stop at Once upon a time in … Hollywood:

Maybe I shouldn’t make another movie, because I could be really happy if I retire at this point. This is the most frustrating aspect, because a lot of great directors, if you think about it, could have ended their careers with their third to last film. It would have been really great as a finale. Like, what do I know, Don Siegel. If it had stopped with Escape from Alcatraz, how great would that be? He had already said everything. The other two films were simply made for work “.

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