Qualcomm wants to challenge Apple Silicon chips with its new PC chip

Qualcomm today held an investor event focused on unveiling its “next generation” technology, including a new PC chip designed in collaboration with Nuvia.

Nuvia is the chip startup founded by three former Apple engineers who worked on making the Series A chips, which Qualcomm acquired earlier this year. Qualcomm’s acquisition of Nuvia was a little tricky. Gerard Williams, CEO of Nuvia and now Qualcomm’s senior vice president of engineering, left Apple in March of 2019. Shortly thereafter he was sued by the Cupertino-based firm, which claims Williams leveraged Apple technology in his new company and has induced other Apple employees to join him.

Williams responded by stating that Apple illegally tracked his text messages and that his so-called “breach of contract” is inapplicable. At the moment the dispute is still open. Regardless of the legal battle between Williams and Apple, Qualcomm has decided to move forward, integrating the Nuvia team and technology. Qualcomm’s goal is clear: make a chip that can rival the Apple Silicon chips of Macs.

The first Qualcomm chips arrive in collaboration with Nuvia

qualcomm chip pc

Today, Qualcomm announced that its Next generation CPU for PC have been redesigned by the Nuvia team. The new chips are designed to “set the performance benchmark for Windows PCs” and serve as “leadership in performance and battery life.” Qualcomm has defined these chips as a “solution that can compete with Apple’s M series”.

The new chips designed by Nuvia, however, will not arrive anytime soon. The first consumer products with these chips will arrive only in 2023. This, of course, gives Apple another two years to further improve its Apple Silicon chips.


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