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One day after he won the election for the next mayor of New York City, Eric Adams already spoke of plans for a City Coin in an interview.

The new mayor of New York City named Eric Adams has hardly been elected to office when he promises the residents of the coastal metropolis their own cryptocurrency. He was from Bloomberg Radio asked how he plans to make New York City a crypto-friendly city. He replied that he had already met with the Mayor of Miami and that the two of them wanted to hold a “friendly competition” with their respective cities.

The Miami Coin that Adams is alluding to here is indeed extremely popular. The Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, wants to use his help to turn the city into a center for cryptocurrencies. He hopes to help finance the city’s activities by mining the Miami Coin instead of relying solely on taxes.

New York should also remain the financial capital when it comes to crypto

With Eric Adams, a similarly crypto-friendly incumbent is now sitting in the City Hall of New York City, like his colleague from Miami. The former police officer has been the so-called Borough President of the New York borough of Brooklyn since 2013. In the first interviews after his election, he confirmed that, as mayor, he wanted to create enough tech jobs in the city.

Amazon had originally planned a new headquarters in the city, but abandoned this project in 2019. Eric Adams emphasized, however, that one is not dependent on it. After all, the number of start-ups in Brooklyn alone has risen by 350 percent in the last ten years. According to Adams’ vision, New York should retain the city’s reputation as the nucleus of the financial world even in the age of crypto values.

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