Princess Mako marries in Tokyo

TOKYO, 26 OCT – Princess Mako, the eldest granddaughter of the Japanese Emperor Naruhito, registered her marriage in the Tokyo municipality with her former university friend and ‘bourgeois citizen’ Kei Komuro, effectively abandoning the royal family, as it wants the tradition of the Japanese monarchy. The agency of the royal house had presented the official documents last week to celebrate the wedding of the two young people, both 30 years old, thus avoiding the celebration of a solemn ceremony, four years after the official announcement of the couple. After the wedding, Mako will follow her spouse to the United States. The married couple was supposed to hold a press conference in the early afternoon today, immediately after the wedding, but the two young people opted for a short presentation, and then distributed the answers already written to five questions formulated in advance by the press. The decision was made late Monday evening to avoid excessive mental fatigue of the princess, who has suffered from post-traumatic stress (PTSD) in recent years, due to the insulting comments received on various platforms. The agency specified that Mako feels ‘an enormous sense of anxiety’ at the thought of having to verbally answer questions asking for clarification on the financial situation of her partner’s family. A story that was the main reason for the postponement of the wedding. The princess wore a light green dress and clutched a bouquet of flowers. Before leaving her residence, around 10am, she took leave with a series of bows from her parents – Crown Prince Fumihito and Princess Kiko, while she reserved a long hug for her younger sister Kako, before stepping into the representative car that took it to the municipality. Ten other people from the imperial agency were present for the final farewell, the Japanese media reported. From now on Mako will be deprived of the royal title and will go to live in a condominium in the center of the capital, pending her move to New York with her husband, probably as early as next month. (HANDLE).

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