Prince Joachim is a graduate of Harvard University

Prince Joachim of Belgium said that he graduated with his parents and grandparents.

Prince Joachim of Belgium said that he was a graduate of the Harvard Business School in Boston, at the United States. Depuis 2019, the prince y avait entamé un master en administration des affaires.

Le roi Albert et la reine Paola, ses grands-parents maternels, ainsi que la princesse Astrid et le prince Lorenz, ses parents, étaient présents à la ceremonie de remise des diplômes. This day is at a high conference. “The Prince, all of the 93 other students of his section, is a great investor in this very important formation,” said the Royal Palace in a press release.

«The teachers are like the chefs of the orchestra, they are the students to react, they change their points of view and their experience. This is a very important part of connaissances and is a way to make a profit in my future professional life “, said Prince.

In the course of their university life, Prince Joachim is invested in several clubs such as “Europe”, “Africa Business Club”, “Private Equity and Venture Capital”, the rugby club and American football. .

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