Pride Month: Do you know the meaning of the RAINBOW FLAG colors?

Each color is a symbol. Try to match them!

June is the Pride Month, a full and colorful month to celebrate LGBTQ + pride.

THE rainbow colors they are its symbol and this year they have an even stronger meaning because we remember the creator of the flag, Gilbert Baker, who passed away in March of this year. Baker made the iconic flag in 1978 at the request of Harvey Milk. The original Rainbow Flag is now part of the New York MOMA art collection.

Gilbert Baker – Getty Images

Flag flew for the first time in San Francisco in the very famous Gay Pride march on 25 June 1978. Originally the flag had 8 colors, instead of 6, like the contemporary one.

Baker removed the pink strip almost immediately, because at the time it was difficult to find fabric of that color. In 1979 the turquoise band was then removed, to give symmetry to the flag.

27th Annual Night Of A Thousand Gowns

Gilbert Baker with the original Rainbow Flag – Getty images

What perhaps everyone does not know is that Baker assigned a specific meaning to each of the colors. Play the Quiz and find them all!

Happy Pride Month!

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