Prices: Istat, inflation rises again, + 2.9% in October

ROME, OCTOBER 29 – Inflation rises again. In October, the national consumer price index for the entire community (Nic), gross of tobacco, recorded an increase of 0.6% on a monthly basis and of 2.9% on an annual basis (from +2 , 5% of the previous month). Istat announces this, disseminating the provisional data on consumer prices. The further acceleration, on a trend basis, is largely due, also in October, to the prices of energy goods (from + 20.2% in September to + 22.9%), and of the regulated component (from + 34.3% to + 37.0%), i.e. the electricity and gas tariffs, both of the non-regulated ones (from + 13.3% to + 15%). Inflation thus accelerates in October for the fourth consecutive month, passing from a negative change recorded in December 2020 to an increase of an extent that has not been recorded since September 2012 (when it was equal to + 3.2%). The prices of the so-called shopping cart, which includes the prices of food goods, for home and personal care, also accelerate in October, marking a + 1.2% in the annual comparison (from the previous + 0.9%). (HANDLE).

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