Poutine expects that Biden will be less impulsive than Trump

Vladimir Poutine said that he was waiting for his American homologue Joe Biden to assert his impulse that his predecessor Donald Trump, in the days of three, attended the first summit between the two heads of state.

Lors d’un entretien à la chaîne americaine NBC News, le president russe a décrit Joe Biden comme un «homme de carrière» ayant passé sa vie en politique, tandis que Donald Trump est selon lui un homme «talentueux» et «haut en couleurs ».

“The main thing, I think, is that the old president Trump is an extraordinary individual, he doesn’t even care about the president,” he said. “It’s not the vein of American establishment.”

Quant à Joe Biden, «il radicalement différent de Trump car le presiden Biden est un homme de carrière. The past practically all of them are adults in politics ».

“I have a great hope that, yes, it will be avantages, it will be inconvenient, but it will not be more impulsive than the part of the American president in the exercise”, at-il dit, selon une traduction fournie by NBC News.

Joe Biden should be able to recriminate American recriminations beyond Vladimir Poutine, dont make Russian soups in American elections and cyber attacks, lors du sommet le 16 juin à Geneva à la fin de son premier voyage international.

Vladimir Poutine openly recognized that Donald Trump had joined in 2016. The billionaire republicanly expressed his admiration for admiration for the Russian conductor and notoriously accepted a number of denunciations of possible electoral power.

Quantity of the “epithet” of “something” by Joe Biden for the qualification for the light of a series of assassinations do not kiss the Russian opponent Boris Nemtsov, the master of the Kremlin and the result of the “macho compartment” in Hollywood.

Un tel discours «fait party of the American political culture où cela is considered as normal. But here it goes. This is not considered as normal here », at-il dit.

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