Poste: Del Fante, impressive business results

ROME, NOV 11 – “We have achieved solid results, in the context of a continuous improvement of the Italian economy, with all our activities that have regained even more momentum in growth compared to the phase before the pandemic, demonstrating the validity of our model of diversified business “, says the CEO of Poste Italiane, Matteo Del Fante, presenting the results of the first nine months of 2021.” The success obtained in the implementation of the “24SI” Plan is the basis of the update of our guidance for 2021 . We now expect – he indicates – that revenues for the whole year will increase by approximately 100 million euros compared to our original target “; “The impressive business results achieved allow us to confirm our 2021 dividend policy, with the payment in November of an interim dividend of € 0.185, which records an annual growth of 14%”. Poste Italiane closed the first 9 months of 2021 with a group net profit of 1.174 billion, up 30.7% compared to the same period of 2020, revenues up 11.7% to 8.445 billion, + 29.8% ebit at 1.61 billion. Based on these “positives and growth also compared to pre-pandemic levels”, the company has revised its 2021 targets upwards and now expects EBIT to be 1.8 billion and net profit at 1.3 billion excluding the revaluation of Sia. The Board of Directors, which approved the results, also resolved, in line with the dividend policy, the distribution of an interim dividend of € 0.185 per share (+ 14%). In the third quarter, net profit grew by 13.6% to 401 million, + 7.3% revenues to 2.761 billion, + 18.3% the ebit to 566 million. Matteo Del Fante recalls the initiatives launched “paving the way for a successful implementation of the 24SI strategic plan”; And he underlines: “We firmly believe that these are the foundations for Poste Italiane to continue to be successful, even beyond the plan span”; “The pre-pandemic growth machine has restarted and the implementation of the 24SI Plan is fully operational, giving us the certainty that our long-term priorities are completely within our reach.” (HANDLE).

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