“Popular” is the new single from Blind

Blind announced the release of the new single “Popular”. It will be released on Friday 17 September, it was produced by Santos and a song is expected trap with a tight beat.

In the lyrics of the song Blind tells of the popular neighborhood from which it all began and the goals he wants to achieve with his music, bringing with him the desire to never give up and to get as far as possible, always remaining true to himself.

“Popular” comes after the singles “Sad”, born from the collaboration with Giaime and produced by SIXPM, e “Promise me”, song that saw him duet alongside two exceptional guests, Guè Pequeno and Nicola Siciliano.

Blind is the stage name of Franco Rujan, young talent born in 2000 from the outskirts of Perugia. He started producing music on his own when he was only 17, like the songs “Sotto sti palazzi” and “Brava gente”. In September 2020 the turning point: take part in the auditions of X Factor, where in the final he will finish second with his hit “Black Heart” (certified platinum), entirely written by him and produced by Frenetik and Orang3

ph cover image: press office, credit Filippo Florindo

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