PolyNetwork plans to hire $ 611 million hackers as security advisors

After the biggest coup in DeFi history, things are happening in quick succession. After a reward, the ominous hacker Mr. White Hat is now offered a job.

About a week ago the news hit like a bomb that a hacker had relieved the DeFi protocol PolyNetwork for a whopping 611 million US dollars. A short time later, however, the all-clear was given and the alleged culprit declared himself a do-gooder. He did not want to cause any financial damage, but only looked for the security hole in the PolyNetwork out of pure ambition.

But the curious story is far from over. The PolyNetwork team even wanted to reward him with $ 500,000 in crypto assets in case he repays all of his loot. But the hacker refused, citing his altruistic point of view. In addition, around 33 million USDT, which also belong to the loot, cannot be transferred back at all because Tether has blocked them. This measure has met with criticism from many crypto fans, who accuse Tether of a centralistic exercise of power reminiscent of the conventional financial system.

PolyNetwork lets gentleness abound

Now there is a new twist in this already cinematic story. The PolyNetwork went one better after its reward offer and named the hacker Mr. White Hat offered a position – as a security advisor, of course.

To thank Mr. White Hat and to encourage him to continue contributing to the advancement of security in the blockchain world with Poly Network, we cordially invite him to become Poly Network’s Chief Security Advisor,

it says in a message from PolyNetwork on August 17th. The team made it clear once again that it has no intention of Mr. White Hat to be held criminally accountable. Instead, PolyNetwork gives thanks to the hacker, and speaks of the greatest coup in DeFi history as an “outstanding contribution to security improvements”.

The gentleness that PolyNetwork has towards the injured party Mr. White Hat takes on grotesque features. He had turned down the $ 500,000 reward, but it would still be transferred to a wallet approved by him. The amount could then be used for other cybersecurity projects.

We sincerely hope that future projects and industry successors will not experience similar incidents. What ever Mr. White Hat want to end up with the reward, we have no objection,

so PolyNetwork continues. How it goes on in this farce is about that Twitter channel to pursue.

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