Poland, thousands in the streets against the ban on abortion

WARSAW, 06 NOV – Poland returns to the streets against the almost total ban on abortion. Tens of thousands of protesters protested today in 80 cities across the country, recalling the thirty-year-old 22 weeks pregnant who died on September 22 of septic shock after doctors, following the restrictive abortion law in force by the earlier this year, they refused to perform an abortion, despite the fetus being malformed. According to what was denounced by family members and women’s rights NGOs, the woman could have been saved with a timely intervention by the health professionals. “Doctors have been waiting for the fetus to die. The fetus is dead, the patient is dead ”, the family lawyer wrote on Twitter, according to which it would be the first death as a consequence of the new legislation. Two doctors involved were suspended and the prosecutor opened an investigation. “No one else must die”, was one of the slogans of the demonstrators, who also observed a minute of silence in memory of Izabella, as the hairdresser who died last month in Pszczyna, in southern Poland, was identified by local media. leaving behind a nine-year-old daughter and her husband. (HANDLE). Y

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