Poland restitution property confiscated in war

VARSAVIA, 12 AGO – The Polish parliament has adopted a law that impedes the restitution of the major part of the property confiscated in addition to the second world war, waiting for the strong criticism of Israel. The law imposes an appointment of 30 years for reimbursement and good luck, confiscated by the communist regime until the war. “Condition of the legislation approved by the Polish parliament, which offsets the memory of the Holocaust and the rights of its citizens,” commented the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel Yair Lapid. “Continuing to provide tangible qualifications to describe the story. La Polonia sa cosa fare: cancellare questa legge ”, he added in a note. The president Andrzej Duda has to open the bed in a definite way for his attraction. The defenders of the sostengono dough that fine all inertness of its properties and elimination and problems of damage and corrosion. Gli oppositori sostengono che gli ebrei saranno ulteriormente penalizzati, perché i titolari dei diritti erano spesso lenti a farsi avanti e perché le loro proprietà spesso sono state sequestrate due volte, prima dai nazisti che occupavano la Polonia e poi dai dai dai dai dai dai dai dai dai dai. Sei milioni di polacchi, metà dei quali ebrei, furono uccisi durante la seconda guerra mondiale in Polonia. When the curtain of the railroad in 1989, Polonia, did not organize the restitution of the property of the Sacchaggiate, as it was the main part of the lands of the Communist bloc, lascivious that the singles personified the fortune in the tribunal. (ANSA).

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