Pauline Déroulède, No. 1 French armchair tennis, is a female debutant

« If you are aware, you will fail to follow the rhythm ! » Cheveux blondes grilled by the sun, intense blue look and sour Colgate on competition bronze, Pauline Déroulède semble sorting out a pub for holiday club. The young woman of 30 years, voluptuous and alive while on her car, rolls to the Yvelines Tennis Committee, where she is preparing for the 2024 Paralympic Games.

Sa jambe droite appuie sur les pedals. The left, a long iron rod and carbon, terminated by a false foot, remains tranquil. Sports shortage does not dissimulate anything. Pauline assumes the looks on this bionic prosthesis, which fascinate the children in the street and interlock the customers when she enters a restaurant. In what she called dormant sa « jambe de robot », she puts all the matins in her kitchen, which she prefers to call « bolt bolt ». With this assembly, from the height of her meter 75, she can swim in the sea “Debut”, hold its interviews and conferences “Debut”, tenir sa compagne dans ses bras «Debout».

Vivre debut, for she wants to say a lot, as the song says. It wants to be free, for sure, but also to become a high-level athlete, move the lines of road safety, transform the “extra-ordinary” drama that she lived in an extraordinary life that she did not have connue.

“La Pauline d’avant n’est plus”

It was very nice, this October 27, 2018. Pauline and her company are rolling in a scooter

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