Oxfam, a G20 incapable of courageous choices

ROME, OCTOBER 31 – “A G20 lacking ambition and unable to offer a concrete action plan”. This was stated by Jörn Kalinski, Senior Advisor of Oxfam, at the end of the Rome summit, underlining that “this summit should have given effective, innovative and fair responses to a world that is struggling towards the post-pandemic phase, but the leaders are not they lived up to the epochal challenges in progress ”. On the climate timid but insufficient steps forward – stresses Oxfam in a statement – failure to reduce the debt of developing countries and unambitious measures to support a more equitable global economic recovery. “Confirming the 1.5 ° C target of the Paris Agreement was a minimum requirement. If this commitment is not accompanied by a revision of the national plans that allow us to realign ourselves on this objective, very little will change. The planet is on fire and we are out of time. It is crucial that COP26 again requests now, and not five years from now, the revision of the national plans to achieve the goal, ”added Kalinski. Regarding vaccines, despite the G20 pledging to contribute to the target of vaccinating at least 40% of the population in all countries by the end of 2021 and 70% by mid-2022, it has not clarified what the plan is. , timelines, strategies and tools to increase vaccine availability in developing countries by removing current supply and financing constraints. “It is scandalous that Germany, the UK and the European Union have used their influence to silence the majority of G20 members who support the suspension of pharmaceutical monopolies so that vaccine production can be redistributed and expanded around the world. And it is once again disappointing that Italy has not played a role in bringing the subject of intellectual property to the discussion table, ”added Sara Albiani, Oxfam Italia’s global health policy advisor. (HANDLE).

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