OnePlus working on a foldable smartphone?

OnePlus may soon enter the foldable device market. BBK, the multinational to which the Chinese company belongs, has not yet launched real devices belonging to this category on the market, but it could soon do so with the brand just mentioned.

A news has appeared on the net according to which OnePlus it would have deposited a patent that sees as many as 3 folding sections of a smartphone. According to the images released, the smartphone in question seems to be quite large, very versatile and therefore very interesting.


In particular it seems possible that the device you can even resegare it in the shape of triangle offering a real stand for the enjoyment of multimedia content and not in landscape.

The design filed by OnePlus is supported by some magnets who would take care of keeping the device in the desired position. The various sections would be unlocked through a special button mechanical slider placed on the thickest part of the device.

In reality, OnePlus’s isn’t the first multi-section folding device we’ve seen. In the past TCL proposed a similar design. Samsung instead presented a display capable of being folded several times early 2021. What is certain is that such a device risks being very expensive.

The fact that OnePlus has filed a patent does not mean that the device will certainly see the light. The company wants to make sure that there are no other players to propose a solution of this kind.

In any case, it is currently very difficult to predict if and when the project will become reality.

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